The Impossible Girl

1/2 English 1/2 Cypriot

Love tea, piano, music, doctor who, x files,
criminal minds, only fools and horses and of course my amazing other half.

Doctor Who blog only.

David tennant and Rose will always be the favourites. >.<


Doctor Who Seal of Rassilon


URL graphic for silencedbythesilence

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Doctor Who meme - Three Colours Three Pairs of Colours - Green + red

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you’ve been eliminating yourself from history. you know you could be reconstructed by the hole you left.

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You know the thing you need most of all? You need a hand to hold.

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Favorite Supporting Character - The Doctor’s Daughter (Jenny)

I love everything about the episode that she’s in, but besides that, just look at her. She’s absolutely gorgeous. I can see why David Tennant married her (Georgia Moffett).

30 Days of Doctor Who 27/30
Tomorrow - Favorite Season Finale

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